Abreast Lift, also known as Mastopexy, is a procedure to re-shape the breast contours by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue of the breasts. Breasts change with age and they often lose their firmness and become less elastic and sagging with time. These changes may be due to pregnancy, weight changes or the effect of gravity. A breast lift can reduce sagging and raise the position of the nipples.

About the Procedure

A Breast Lift helps to give a breast profile that is more youthful and uplifted. Though the procedure does not significantly change the size of breasts, it helps redistribute the breast tissue in order to increase the fullness in the upper pole and enhance the central projection of the breast. Some patients may require augmentation with an implant or Fat transfer along with a mastopexy to give a better contour to the breasts.

Candidates for the Procedure

Patients who have excessive drooping/sagging of breasts, or have nipples that fall below the under-breast fold, or patients who feel their breasts have lost the shape, volume and youthfulness are candidates for the procedure. An ultrasound of the breasts or a mammogram is also advisable prior to surgery to rule out any existing lumps or lesions in the breast.

After the Surgery

Patients are required to wear a support bra to minimize swelling and support the breasts as they heal.Straining, bending and lifting are to be avoided for a few days to weeks after the procedure. As the incision scars heal and the swelling settles down, the contours of the breasts are better appreciated.