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Hair restoration is an enriching experience for the patient and a good result depends not only on the technique during the procedure but also depends on the postoperative course followed.

The patient needs to understand that the newly transplanted hair requires proper care to enhance the results of the procedure. The first and the foremost is to stop smoking, as this may hinder the blood supply to the newly transplanted hair. Rest and a proper nutritious diet also help during the post procedure course. Patients should also avoid forward bending for up to 48 hours after the procedure and preferably should be accompanied with someone for the first 24-48 hours.

Pain after the procedure is normally mild and can be relieved with oral analgesics.

Edema around the forehead and around the eyes is expected and can be reduced with rest in supine position, wearing headbands, cold compresses or simple medications.

Itching at the hair recipient site can be minimized with spraying normal saline every hour for the first 7 days. Patients should avoid rubbing the area for the first 7-10 days.

Patients are thoroughly explained about the procedure for head wash, which is usually done on 5th-7th day.

Patients may notice fall of some hair during the first 4-6 weeks; while results may start to appear in 4-6 months, it may take up to 10-12 months for full growth of the transplanted hair.

Post procedure the patients are usually kept on follow up with additional adjunctive treatments which further helps in improving the results.

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