Gynaecomastia Surgery in Mohali, Punjab

Gynaecomastia refers to the enlargement of the glandular component of the male breast. If you have gynaecomastia, we can transform your life with gynecomastia surgery. At AesthetiCure Clinic, we understand that gynaecomastia can adversely affect your life in numerous ways. Moreover, the stigma associated with “man boobs” can be overwhelming at times. 

Our compassionate team of doctors offer personalised consultations to create a customised surgical plan for you. Moreover, our state-of-the-art clinic in Mohali ensures maximum safety and precision. We use advanced surgical techniques like excision and liposuction to eliminate excess glandular tissue. Rely on us to sport a sculpted and contoured chest.

What Is Gynaecomastia Surgery?

The gynecomastia surgery is also known as a male breast reduction procedure. It is effective in removing excess breast tissue and fat from your chest. By undergoing this surgery at our clinic, you can address the appearance of an enlarged chest. The main objective of this surgery in our clinic is to sculpt your chest to appear firmer and flatter. 

Why is Gynaecomastia Surgery Done?

While shedding some additional kilos can help reduce the appearance of male breasts, this isn’t the case always. In most cases, we have to remove excess glandular tissue to help you sport a chiselled chest. Currently, the best way to address male breast gynaecomastia is Liposuction along with gland removal. 

You should undergo gynaecomastia surgery to relieve physical discomfort like swelling and tenderness in your breasts. Moreover, this surgery also helps in correcting unevenness in your breasts. With the help of our qualified surgeons, you will get drastic and immediate improvements with minimal scarring.

What Gynaecomastia Surgery Can / Can’t Do?

Nowadays, the most effective way to treat male breast gynaecomastia is surgery. With gynaecomastia surgery, you can effectively reduce the size of your breasts and improve chest contour. Moreover, it becomes easier to boost your self-confidence by undergoing this surgical procedure. It also provides the permanent removal of glandular breast tissue. 

However, the gynaecomastia treatment cannot lift the sagging tissues. It cannot augment the pectoral muscles, though with the removal of glandular tissue,the contours appear better. 

How You Should Prepare for Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Always remember that proper preparation is the key to a successful gynaecomastia treatment at our clinic. We will ask you to prepare for the gynaecomastia surgery based on the inputs from the initial consultation. You will have to discontinue consuming certain types of supplements or medications that increase the chance of bleeding. 

Moreover, we will ask you to undergo a few diagnostic tests to ascertain your suitability for the procedure. It is important that the results of these tests are satisfactory so that you can undergo gynaecomastia surgery. Before the surgery, it is crucial that you quit smoking. Smoking and drinking alcohol can adversely affect the results of the surgery. 

Maintaining a stable body weight is also pretty essential for the success of gynaecomastia surgery. A stable weight will drastically decrease the complications after the surgery. Our clinic will offer you helpful information to prepare you for the surgery.

What is the Procedure of Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery for men at the AesthetiCure Clinic takes around sixty to ninety minutes. It is typically performed as a daycare procedure under general anaesthesia. In some rare cases, we will ask you to stay overnight . Our surgeon will make an incision around the edge of your areola,for gland removal. 

The surgical technique employed by our team depends on your cosmetic goals. Moreover, it also relies heavily on the extent of the enlargement the patient is dealing with. If you are experiencing mild gynaecomastia, we will remove excess fat from your chest with liposuction. 

On the contrary, in severe cases of gynaecomastia, we will remove excess tissue and skin to help you attain a muscular appearance. Your nipples may need to be repositioned. Once the re-contouring process is finished, we will close the incisions and apply gauze to the treated area. Compression garment will be applied to address swelling. We will also prescribe pain relief medications to help you manage pain after the surgery.

Recovery After Gynaecomastia Surgery

Usually,no bed rest is required and you can resume with your normal activities after the procedure. To recover fully, it is crucial to adhere to the aftercare instructions. For instance, you cannot do any heavy lifting for four weeks after the surgery. Your chest may appear sore and inflamed for a few days after the surgery. 

Taking proper care after the surgery is important for your recovery. We will ask you to wear a specialised vest for four to six weeks so that your chest doesn’t sag after the surgery. The formation of scars at the surgical site is completely normal. 

Optimal results become visible only after one to three months as swelling subsides, and improves with time. The recovery process can vary greatly from one individual to another. The important thing is to ensure that you don’t exert pressure on the surgical area. 

Eating a light and healthy diet can also boost your recovery after the surgery. To promote healing, we can prescribe you certain vitamins and supplements. However, you should focus on eating a balanced diet comprising the right mix of essential nutrients and vitamins. These things will boost your recovery after the gynaecomastia surgery.

Cost Table 

The cost of gynecomastia surgery depends on a wide variety of factors. For instance, the cost depends heavily on the grade of gynaecomastia. Moreover, the technique and equipment used during the surgery also determine the overall price. Here is the cost of the gynaecomastia surgery in various Indian cities. 


Average Cost 

Starting Price 

Price Up to 


INR 54000

INR 40000

INR 68000


INR 65000

INR 58000

INR 70000


INR 62000

INR 44000

INR 74000


INR 55000

INR 41000

INR 65000


INR 60000

INR 52000

INR 72000


INR 58000

INR 63000

INR 78000

If you want to learn more about the cost of gynecomastia surgery, contact us at the earliest. You can call our clinic to set up an initial consultation based on your preferred time slot. Get your self-confidence back gynaecomastia surgery at AesthetiCure Clinic.